Miranda's Webpage


Welcome to my blog, my name is Miranda Nelson and I'm a contributing editor and technology blogger for various magazines in print and on the web. I regulary attend the Consumer Electronics Show and varios tradeshows all over America with my reviews the latest and hottest tech trends.

Who Am I?
Miranda, I'm a writer, editor, publisher and all round techie that loves to publish reviews on the latest gadgets.

Why do you blog?
I love the latest tech gear and with my career, I get access to the latest stuff before everyone else!

How has being a tech writer impacted your life? How?
Being a blogger in the tech space has given me the ability to travel and enjoy life on my own terms while still being passionate about the things I love.

Favorite Music?
I've always been a big fan of U2.

Do you prefer Android or Apple?
This is a tough one since I love how sleek Apple's designs are, but I truly love the Android operating system a lot more. Plus I'm the type of person that needs a keyboard and Android still has a few models kicking around that has the best of both worlds.